Biodiversity⁺ Design

Is staying with the complexity and the interconnectedness of making. It is a meeting point — a place for designers, creators, brands, and artists to situate themselves, to become aware of their role and position in our ecosystem. A place to reimagine and create biodiverse futures — a place where issues like biodiversity loss and climate change are addressed critically, contextually, pluralistically, In-Symbiosis, In-Collaboration, In-Process.


In-Symbiosis is a premise. Every decision we make has an impact on biodiversity and on the future of our planet. It is our collective responsibility to create products/experiences/solutions that are resilient, sustainable and encourage the protection of biological and cultural diversity. Mutually beneficial relationships in nature can show us that this is something we can replicate in how we design — with an ethic — demonstrating that regenerating biodiversity can also regenerate the economy, people, and our planet.


In-Collaboration looks at problem-solving in a multi, inter and transdisciplinary pluralistic approach. The application of this principle puts forward the importance of engaging and activating diverse stakeholders in order to problem solve in a sustainable way, and as a long-form practice.This collaboration practice allows the activation of communities, and leaders in different fields to engage with / solve different parts of the issue in diverse ways. Instead of multiple stakeholders working on solving the same problem, stakeholders collaborate to solve different parts of the problem — sharing knowledge and engaging in more effective, long-form problem-solving.


Biodiversity Design encourages us to think in modularity, in evolution and to move away from focusing on the finality of a project, product, solution — instead to think about the longevity and circularity of the project and its eternal evolution, through activating others, replicating the project in a sustainable manner, and continuing to iterate the project over time. This principle takes into consideration that new information, new data, new collaborations, will ameliorate the project and that the finality of a project can, over time, become a hindrance.