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Rethinking Finance and Economics for Biodiversity

How can we rethink the economic paradigm that recognises biodiversity as the foundation of (economic) sustainability, human well-being and prosperity? How can the value of biodiversity be reflected in economic terms and what are new financial tools available to protect biodiversity?

In Good Taste: Exploring Urban Food Sustainability + Equity

Join TEALEAVES and special guests in an examination of our global food system with a focus on the inextricable link between sustainability and equity, and in celebration of the complexity of diversity.

Food, Culture and Biodiversity: In Good Taste Documentary Launch

In celebration of UNESCO's World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21st and World Biodiversity Day on May 22nd, join the public launch of the In Good Taste Documentary at the World Biodiversity Forum. Learn more about this sustainable food documentary at registration.

Imagining Positive Futures for Biodiversity

How can we change the narrative and imagine a world where the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are prioritized, and where the well-being of generations to come is ensured?

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Restoring Nature for Biodiversity, Climate and People

What actions are necessary to halt biodiversity loss, reverse ecosystem degradation, combat climate change and secure human well being? How can we bend the curve of biodiversity loss, and which role do nature-based solutions play in ecosystem restoration and climate action?

Implementing Governance for Biodiversity

How, at different levels of governance, can synergies be created to achieve the biodiversity goals as well as the sustainable development goals, and how collaborations and partnerships with non-state actors can be forged?

The Cultural Context of Taste

This intimate conversation looks to the perspectives of cultural knowledge keepers, who bring with them an understanding of how a sense of place, and personal history, should inform our choices.

Lipstick on a Fig Tree

Did you know botanic gardens and arboreta currently grow over 18,000 tree species and are currently assessing the conservation status of every tree species on Earth? As such, they have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the right tree is planted in the right place to benefit people and nature. Global authorities including Botanic Gardens Conservation International discuss what needs to change.

A New Decade for Biodiversity

In a seminal event launching the World Biodiversity Forum 2021, global lead­ers in bio­di­ver­si­ty dis­cuss the ques­tions: Why do we need to take ac­tion and what do we want to achieve?

Fo­cusing on tran­si­tion points and the trans­for­ma­tion nec­es­sary to achieve this goal, the event aims to shape nar­ra­tives and to high­light ac­tion­able out­comes.

Creative Aging

How can art and nature help us achieve a renewed sense of wellbeing? How can solutions for those living with memory loss and dementia extend to us all? Explore these questions through the lens of Inclusive Design as antidotes to the perils of everyday life during a pandemic.

The Secret Science of Taste: Mouthfeel

Two food industry experts reveal the factors that subconsciously influence your taste, and how to wield them for the better.

Innovate or Bust: Circular Design For Business

As we continue to place unsustainable demand on our finite resources, the imperative for businesses to respond and adapt becomes increasingly critical. How can we engage in circular practices while meeting business objectives and consumer demands, all the while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals?

Storytelling for Change: The Outlaw Ocean Project

The oceans are some of the last untamed frontiers on our planet. Uncover the means with which the nonprofit, The Outlaw Ocean, produces innovative journalism from this lawless realm seen and heard all over the world.

Creative Rituals

As we collectively experience a global pandemic, our systems, structures, and social mores are being put to the test. Enjoy this conversation on achieving creativity within the new normal, featuring John S. Couch, Author, “The Art of Creative Rebellion” and VP, Product Design at Hulu and Albert Shum, CVP of Design, Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft.

Designing Sustainable Cities

Cities provide the ultimate platform for change because they are the melting pot of so many environmental issues from waste systems to the built environment, transportation to food systems the possibility for change is endless. The answer? Design – circularly.

Designing for a Better Future

Held in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, ​leading experts in botany and design speak to the importance of our relationship with nature and the significance it lends to our mental and physical well-being.