Food, Culture & Biodiversity: New Documentary Launch

Special Presentation for Food, Culture & Biodiversity: In Good Taste Documentary Launch

TEALEAVES' In Good Taste Documentary Launch at the World Biodiversity Forum


About the Session

In celebration of UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21st and World Biodiversity Day on May 22nd, watch the public launch of the ‘In Good Taste’ food sustainability documentary at the World Biodiversity Forum.

With themes ranging from mouthfeel to regenerative agriculture, indigenous food knowledge, and biodiverse diets, ‘In Good Taste’ reveals solutions to save our planet and our personal health. Changing human behavior is a matter of deliciousness or desirability. On the virtual stage of the World Biodiversity Forum, this event saw panelists discuss how we can mobilize for positive impact through personal taste. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed


Context On Food Sustainability

In a world where we celebrate caviar and foie gras as the pinnacle of luxury and forego the goodness that sprouts up at our feet, the hidden costs are more than the price itself. This documentary illuminates the unsustainable consequences of our monoculturalistic desires, including the homogenization of food, diet, and thought. The solution to reclaiming our own tastes points to biodiversity (and more generally, diversity) as a solution, celebrating the complexity of diversity.


Call to Action

  • Visit the In Good Taste project page to learn more about the work we have done in our exploration of the true meaning of “good taste.”
  • Ask questions, challenge the norm of food culture, and explore diverse taste palettes as you engage with our collaborators through the World Biodiversity group on LinkedIn
  • Share the documentary with your community and invite them to join our discussion!


Event Speakers

  • Michiel Bakker, Google Food Lab
  • Dr. Dori Tunstall, OCAD University
  • Josefa Tauli, Global Youth Biodiversity Network


Discover In Good Taste

Discover the In Good Taste exploration: