The Garden of Secrets

2020 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards Honoree


Honoring world changing creative projects that help explain and publicize global problems and solutions.


Honoring companies or initiatives that help inspire better and more equitable learning.

A TEALEAVES Documentary

Bringing together leading activists, designers, engineers, architects and botanists worldwide in a philanthropic documentary in support of botanical gardens by demonstrating the vast library of insights that they house.

Through millions of years of evolution, the structures and processes of organisms have resolved many of the engineering and environmental challenges facing the modern world–we just need to look, observe, and learn.


Roots of the Project

A botanical garden isn’t just a garden filled with plants – it is a garden of ideas. Whether a developer, designer, innovator, or just plain interested, botanical gardens can offer secrets that are beyond their edible, aromatic, and medicinal properties.

In this exploration of nature, TEALEAVES explores how botanical gardens and the “secrets” they house can inspire lasting impact on people, society and the environment. With this knowledge, it is our hope to generate awareness for and curb future decisions that may harmfully impact our planet and our well-being.

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Special Thanks to Our Partners

Ask Nature: Alexandra Ralevski

Argus Controls: Alec Mackenzie

Biomimicry 3.8 & Singularity University: Leon Wang

Bullitt Foundation: Denis Hayes, Mary McNair

California Academy of Sciences: Dimitri Smirnoff

Christine Lintott Architects: Christine Lintott

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum: Matilda McQuaid

Durham University: Jas Pal Badyal

UBC Faculty of Science: Loren Rieseberg

UBC Botanical Garden: Andy Hill, Douglas Justice, Patrick Lewis

UC Berkeley: Philip B. Stark, Thomas Carlson

Warwick University: Wanda Lewis, David Towers, Adrian Seymour, Martin Millson, Peter Meesum,

Jim Smith, Ian Brown, Graham Canham, Charles Joyce, Amy Hamson, Rachel Grimes, James Hudson, Mark Hewson.

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