Restoring Nature for Biodiversity, Climate, and People

A Virtual Dialogue For The World Biodiversity Forum Addressing The Relation Between Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change.

Biodiversity and Climate Change Relationship

About the Session On Biodiversity Loss, Climate, and People

We are losing biodiversity at unprecedented rates. The current climate trajectory puts us closer and closer to critical ecosystem tipping points, negatively impacting human well-being. Maintenance and restoration of this loss are key for our ability to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change; however, attention should be placed on how to do so without threatening our planetary health. We thus need to address biodiversity loss and climate change mitigation in tandem – for example, through ecosystem restoration policies and practices. 

On the virtual stage of the World Biodiversity Forum, this event saw panelists discuss what concerted actions are necessary to halt biodiversity loss, reverse ecosystem degradation, combat climate change, and secure human well-being. They also discussed nature-based solutions that could play a key role in ecosystem restoration. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Call to Action

It is imperative for the private and public sector, youth, and indigenous populations to come together to be a part of the conversation to educate and be educated on the concepts and safeguards of nature-based solutions to prevent the incorrect branding of initiatives under nature-based restoration solutions and to share knowledge on the topic of living in harmony with nature. For change to happen, the focus must be shifted away from the mere planting of trees and removal of carbon emissions and towards involving nature in our practices, implementing nature-based solutions that will boost nature, not create it.

Event Speakers

  • Prof Carlos Joly, State University of Campinas
  • Dr. Cornelia Krug, World Biodiversity Forum, University of Zurich
  • Ms. Mirna Fernandez, Global Youth Biodiversity Network
  • Dr. Lera Miles, UNEP-WCMC
  • Prof Jean Paul Metzger, University of Sao Paulo, BPBES
  • Mr Frans Schepers, Rewilding Europe
  • Dr. Piero Visconti, IIASA


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