Albert Shum

Former CVP of Design, Microsoft

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Albert Shum is a career design leader recently retired from Microsoft as Corporate Vice President of Design. With over 25 years of global consumer brand and design development expertise, Albert has led strategic initiatives across multidisciplinary teams at Nike and Microsoft, scaling design thinking and launching products that influence millions.
He led the recent efforts to reimagine Microsoft’s web experiences, including search, browser and services across a suite of products that reached over a billion customers at work, home, and school. He had previously led Windows, Windows Mobile, Xbox, HoloLens and device experiences.
Albert’s design ethos lies at the intersection of business, experience, and technology (BXT), with a focus on responsible design. He believes that the most successful user interactions are those that respect the human need and fully consider their impact at scale. He has spoken about responsible design to audiences at AdobeMAX, Innovation Forum in London, 99U Conference, Fast Company Innovation Festival, MIT, and the School of Visual Arts. He is currently a Class Advisor at the Institute of Design and advisor on Biodiversity Toolkit with Tealeaves. He’s author of the “Design Loft” series on design leadership and team culture.
Albert’s work in design leadership has helped shape conversations on diversity and inclusion throughout the industry. Albert has served as a mentor, partner, and leader in programs like the Adobe Design Circle and its Scholarship Fund, the Design for Inclusivity Industry Summit, the LEAP apprenticeship program at Microsoft, and in student design challenges with IxDA, AIGA, and the Emily Carr University of Art & Design.
He holds a Master’s degree in Product Design from Stanford and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Waterloo.


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