Daniela Bohlinger - Contributor and Virtual Event Panelist

Daniela Bohlinger

Head of Sustainability, BMW Group Design

About the Contributor:

The interplay of lush designs on the one hand and minimizing the impact on our environment on the other hand is Daniela Bohlinger’s daily challenge. Having dedicated herself to a more sustainable approach in design, she was one of the masterminds behind the unique sustainable design concept of the “Project i” which resulted in the BMW i3 car, and has pushed ahead with innovative eco-friendly initiatives ever since. Apart from contributing to the company’s strategic development with regard to sustainability, she is a frequent guest lecturer at different universities, think tanks and panel discussions, Jury and Coach and fosters a strong dialogue with players from inside and outside the automotive industry.

Prior to joining the BMW Group Design team 18 years ago as a color and trim designer, Daniela had worked in different industries as a product designer, where she always felt confronted with the consequences of her work on the environment.

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Innovate or Bust

How to stay relevant through circular design practices.


Innovate or Bust