Frederick Ammons - Contributor and Virtual Event Panelist

Frederick Ammons

Winegrower, RUDD Estate

About the Contributor:

Frederick Ammons has been the winegrower at Rudd Estate since the 2013 vintage. With a masters in viticulture and enology from the University of Bordeaux, extensive experience in Burgundy, he believes that great wines are the result of an agricultural endeavor and that farming is the central tool in producing wines that express a noble terroir. Every vintage is a new story, a new education and new reward.


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Ammons shared his insights in the Nature x Design virtual event: The Elusive Art of Blending.

The event entailed a design-centric roundtable among makers as they discussed how methods, influences and ingredients—be it Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, imperially-scented jasmine white tea, sustainable practices, or the framework of inclusive design—impact the way a physical beverage is expressed by its maker or grower.


The Elusive Art of Blending

SUNDAY, JULY 12 2020

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