Dr. Marian Chertow, Contributor and Virtual Event Panelist

Dr. Marian Chertow

Associate Professor, Industrial Environmental Management; Director, Program on Solid Waste Policy; Director, Industrial Environmental Management Program, Yale School of the Environment

About the Contributor:

Dr. Marian Chertow is a professor of industrial environmental management at the Yale School of the Environmental and Director of the Center for Industrial Ecology. She is also appointed at the Yale School of Management and the National University of Singapore. Her research and teaching focus on industrial ecology, business and environment issues, circular economy, waste management and urban sustainability.


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Could Waste be a Valuable Resource?


Could Waste be a Valuable Resource?


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Could Waste be a Valuable Resource? | Nature x Design

Learn how companies can effectively manage waste, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, protect the environment while increasing the bottom line.

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