Dr. Paul Smith

Dr. Paul Smith

Secretary General (CEO) Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

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Dr. Paul Smith is the Secretary General of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). BGCI is the largest plant conservation network in the world, comprising >600 member institutions in 100 countries. Dr. Paul Smith is a specialist in the plants and vegetation of southern Africa, and is the recipient of the New England Wildflower Society’s Medal for Services to International Plant Conservation and the David Fairchild Medal for Plant Exploration.

For every plant species we can conserve for future generations, it creates options for us as a human species.


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Lipstick on a Fig Tree

Why Planting Trees Avoids the Real Problems (and May Make Things Worse)

Thursday, january 14th, 8:30am pst / 11:30am est




Lipstick on a Fig Tree


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