Dr. Pedro Brancalion - Contributor and Virtual Event Panelist

Dr. Pedro Brancalion

Professor of Tropical Forestry, University of São Paolo

About the Contributor

Dr. Pedro Brancalion is a Professor of Tropical Forestry at the University of São Paulo, Brazil and vice-coordinator of the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact. His research focuses on transforming restoration into an economically viable land use with greater potential to contribute to biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing. He has published over 170 peer-reviewed papers, received the 2018 Bunge Award, and was included as part of the 100,000 top scientists around the world 2019.


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Learn from Dr. Pedro Brancalion in the virtual session below:

Lipstick on a Fig Tree

Why Planting Trees Avoids the Real Problems (and May Make Things Worse)

Thursday, january 14th, 8:30am pst / 11:30am est




Lipstick on a Fig Tree