Language Of Aroma

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Language of Aroma

Official Trailer

Our sense of smell is hardwired to dictate comfort, fear, and mate selection, yet in a recent study by McCann Worldgroup, 53% of 16-22-year-olds stated that they would rather give up their sense of smell than their smartphones. With technology, threatening to erode the emphasis we place on our senses, TEALEAVES drew in the knowledge of experts like sommeliers, chefs, aroma scientists and designers to explore the importance of aroma in our experience of the world, and the difficulty in describing it without a learned vocabulary.

Designing for Inclusivity

Language of Aroma unites 19 leading experts and iconic brands around one powerful detail: Aroma. Join the conversation with a Master Sommelier, Bocuse d’Or team coach, Michelin-star Chef, winemaker, and academics from Brown, UC Irvine, and UBC.  Blend in scent-branding experts, artists, Microsoft Design, TEALEAVES, and language creators from Game of Thrones, Pantone, and musicology.

Share their experience – to bring about an appreciation and understanding for the detail of Aroma and its impact on the human condition.  What are the disparate ways in which Aroma can be expressed and understood? How can we communicate aroma in an inclusive way?