The Future of Food

Our Salvation in Urban Foraging

About this Session

As part of San Francisco Design Week, inspired by the confluence of nature and design, two foragers and one SF-based chef came together to discuss the incredible nutrient density and biodiversity growing off the beaten path of our monocultural food system.

Chef Francis Ang, Sunny Savage, and Professor Philip Stark came together to challenge the perceptions of what is and is not food. You can watch the recording of this lively discussion on culinary creativity in designing a plate that feeds communities and nourishes bodies and the planet.

UN Sustainable Design Goals Addressed

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Session Speakers

Chef Francis Ang, Chef/Founder, Pinoy Heritage

Chef Francis Ang

Francis moved from Manila to San Francisco to study cooking and work at SF’s best restaurants. During his visit to the Philippines in 2013, Him and his wife Dian was stranded due to a devastating typhoon. They were able to help feed the community locally. Upon returning to SF, he hosted a fundraiser for the victims showcasing an enticing Filipino menu. Since then, he has started a popup called Pinoy Heritage that has caught the attention of people garnering multiple awards.

Sunny Savage, Wild Food Forager, Savage Kitchen

Sunny Savage

Sunny Savage is a wild food forager who weaves a deep appreciation for wild things into our modern-day lives. Dedicated to her craft for over 20 years, she has taught thousands of people around the globe the joy of wildcrafting as a published author, television host, in-person educator and business owner. She acknowledges the gift indigenous people have given us all by keeping wild food knowledge alive, and the importance of restorative justice for land and people.

Professor Philip B. Stark, Professor of Statistics, Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

Philip B. Stark

Philip B. Stark is Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, and the founder of Berkeley Open Source Food. He studies inference and uncertainty quantification in physical, biological, and social sciences. He is passionate about urban foraging, including studying the safety, nutrition, and availability of wild and feral foods in urban ecosystems and their value for ecosystem services and nutrition security.


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