Biodiversity Problems and Solutions
The World Biodiversity Forum hosts an essential conversation on the question "Why do we need to take ac­tion and what do we want to achieve?" Enjoy a conversation with experts in the field as they discuss actionable goals in the realm of Biodiversity.
A continuation of the exploration In Good Taste, which seeks to answer the question: What does it mean to have truly good taste in the modern world? This intimate conversation will look to the perspectives of cultural knowledge keepers, who bring with them an understanding of how a sense of place and personal history should inform our choices.
Join Dr. Meigan Aronson of UBC Faculty of Science, Dr. Petro Brancalion of the University of São Paolo, Patrick Lewis of the UBC Botanical Garden and Paul Smith of Botanic Gardens Conservation International in a virtual event exploring a botanist's rules of engagement in a rapidly changing world.