Sket One Profile: An Artist without Borders

"Graffiti is the only art that has to be done in the wild."

Sket One
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Thunderbolt Darjeeling

Sket One is a visual artist and icon. His portfolio is expansive, from large-scale graffiti to miniature Kidrobot Dunny.

In his words, “I do everything from sculpture to drawing to graphic design. Basically the whole gamut of art I have played around with at one time or another.” With an expansive career spanning across platforms, medium, and style, we asked him how he manages to bring all those influences together into a cohesive piece, the answer: blending.

What I do in my particular artwork, it’s all blending. Creating every single piece that I’ve ever created is blending.

Right now I’ve been on this new thing of blending everyday objects with other everyday objects. Like the extinguisher, turning extinguishers into condiment dispensers. It’s ridiculous. Nobody would ever think of that, but yet, the over-consumption of Americans, and all that other stuff, it’s, why not have these big dispensers for condiments?

I’ve recently started doing these fire hydrants from Sriracha sauce, and taking Darth Vader, and recognizing his place in pop culture, and changing it to the redeemer pose of Jesus. That’s blending two different religions and pop icons together, and I think we grow up with this sense of looking at something for so long, and when you blend the two things together it brings this shock to you, like why, or how, or what’s that saying? Blending, it’s now a necessity for me. You get more out of it. If you take two great things and put them together, you’re going to get something awesome, even better than those two great things.”

If you take two great things and put them together, you’re going to get something awesome.

-Sket One

Sket One to us as part of our ongoing series on color. Learn more about Sket One on his website.