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The oceans are some of the last untamed frontiers on our planet. Too big to police, and under no clear international authority, these treacherous waters play host to the extremes of human behavior and activity. The Outlaw Ocean Project uncovers a globe-spanning network of crime and exploitation that emanates from the fishing, oil, and shipping industries – but to which all of us are connected. The nonprofit produces innovative journalism from this lawless realm seen and heard all over the world — from documentaries to original music.

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UN Sustainable Design Goals Addressed


Event Viewing Materials

Session Preview – The Outlaw Ocean Project: Innovative Storytelling for Change

Footage from The Outlaw Ocean Project

Music by Philip G Anderson


Activism and Artistry – The Animated Rendering of North Korean Fishermen

The story of a recent investigation in Korean waters as told through the artistic lens of an animator and composer

Animation by Youngran Nho

Music by Philip G Anderson


The Outlaw Ocean Music Project – Interview with Philip G Anderson

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Event Speakers

Philip G Anderson, Contemporary Artist & Composer

Philip G Anderson is an American multi-instrumentalist, contemporary artist, and composer. He seeks to connect with his audience through expressive and emotive music centered around the human performance and organic instrumentation. In addition to his work as an artist, Philip also composes and produces music for film, television, and commercial projects.


Charlotte Norsworthy, Director of Content, Synesthesia Media

Charlotte Norsworthy heads up content direction for Synesthesia Media, a creative media company that has served as the label behind The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. Norsworthy directs the strategy and musical content for more than 300 artists and a collective global audience of more than 90 million. Synesthesia Media has also directed the successful release of the bestselling book, The Outlaw Ocean. Norsworthy is passionate about uplifting new voices and reaching new audiences across the world.


Ian UrbinaAuthor and Founder, The Outlaw Ocean

Ian Urbina

Ian Urbina is a reporter and author who writes for The New York Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and others. Urbina is the author of The New York Times bestseller “The Outlaw Ocean” (2019), based on five years of reporting, much of it offshore, exploring lawlessness on the high seas. Urbina has since launched The Outlaw Ocean nonprofit, which engages in innovative storytelling practices on ocean issues, including The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.



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