Urban Food and Sustainability

Exploring Urban Food Sustainability + Equity

An In Good Taste Event focusing on the link between urban food sustainability and equity

Téa Ivanovic, Chef Enrique Limardo


About the Session

Food is the portal to better understanding another human being. With the backdrop of 2021, it is clear that we need to diversify our diets and our minds.

What does having “good taste” mean and why should you care?

In a world where we celebrate caviar and foie gras as the pinnacle of luxury and forego the goodness that sprouts up at our feet, lacking the literacy to acknowledge or opportunity to access it, the hidden costs are more than the price itself.

Join Immigrant Food and TEALEAVES in an examination of our global food system with a focus on the inextricable link between sustainability and equity, and in celebration of the complexity of diversity. In this event food literacy and cultural education come together at the table to celebrate the role of immigrants in the industry and how a melting pot of cultural expressions has shaped the American culinary scene.


UN Sustainable Development Goals Addressed


Event Speakers

  • Téa Ivanovic, Immigrant Food Téa’s is the creative and strategic mind behind Immigrant Food’s brand. Born in Belgium to parents from the former Yugoslavia and recruited to the United States by Virginia Tech’s Division 1 Varsity tennis team, Téa calls herself an immigrant squared. She still can’t figure out if Serbian, Flemish, or English is her native language – she speaks all of them equally. Her professional career includes creating and implementing strategic communications for international policy and politics at a Washington D.C. think tank, and global financial matters at a financial public and media relations firm. Téa was the first Washington Correspondent for Oslobodjenje, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest newspaper and leading news outlet in the Western Balkans. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).
  • Chef Enrique Limardo, Immigrant Food Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Chef Enrique Limardo has garnered inspiration from working in many countries. His culinary inspirations are, of course, from the beaches of his native country’s Margarita Island and the street vendors of Caracas. But his cooking also reflects the coconuts of Barbados, the za’atar of Doha and Dubai, and the curries of Hong Kong and Bangkok — all places where Enrique worked and thrived. Attracted to Washington by the metro area’s bubbling food scene and endless diversity, he co-founded Immigrant Food as an homage to America’s immigrant diversity.


About Immigrant Food

Immigrant Food is a startup with a mission to celebrate, advocate, and educate on behalf of immigrants. It’s a restaurant with a cause: bringing you world flavors with a mission. Through a fusion menu created by Chef Enrique Limardo, the cause-casual restaurant celebrates the centuries of gastronomic contributions by immigrants from around the world. But they don’t stop there. Immigrant Food is also an advocacy platform that partners with five local immigrant-service NGOs to connect its customers with the immigrant community, and educate them on the complexities of immigration. Through its monthly micro-digital publication, The Think Table, Immigrant Food ‘slices and dices’ the immigration issue into ‘manageable bites’ (a lot of food metaphors!) to cut through the noise and misinformation. Advocating and educating through food — call it gastro-advocacy.


Take-Away Food Menu!

Learn how to engage with Immigrant Food and about ways you can support them and their cause!


About the In Good Taste Project – A Food Sustainability Initiative

‘In Good Taste’ explores how we can be empowered – to make conscious choices, where there is wellness for us and wellness for the planet.

This documentary illuminates the unsustainable consequences of our monoculturalistic desires, including the homogenization of food, diet, and thought. The solution to reclaiming our own tastes points to biodiversity (and more generally, diversity) as a solution, celebrating the complexity of diversity.

Explore the In Good Taste project further and watch the documentary trailer.